Russian4Foreigners is a project for those, who want to learn Russian as a foreign language. On the website you will find some basic grammar explanations and practical tasks, which will help  you  understand and start  to  use it. Also, on Russian4Foreigners  you can find some typical idioms and situational vocabulary — for an easier adaptation at Russian-speaking countries and communities.


Greetings and polite words, vocabulary for invitations and expressing gratitude, topics about sight-seeing tours, expressing agreement and disagreement, giving and asking recommendations , some typical conversations in shops and restaurants and many another useful templates, dialogues and materials.


Some functions, like chats and conferences are available only through an account. However, if you look for some topics, materials or practice exercises  and  can not find them please write a message. Also, you can order a  private language course of Russian as a Second Language.


On the website you will find grammar explanations and easy dialogues from everyday life situation. In your private account you can practice grammar rules for cases and chat with other learners by messenger or Skype.