Prepositional case


This case is always used with a preposition. There are three prepositions which are usually used in this case, depending on the context.


First of all, the prepositional case is used for identifying location of the subject of an action

Роман в музее на выставке [Raman v moozeje na vystavke] — Roman is in museum on exhibition

Я живу в России в Москве [Ya zheavoo v Rosseajea v Moscve] — I live in Russia in Moscow

The second meaning of the prepositional case is a point of discussion about something.

«Мария думала о новой работе» [Maria dumala or jejo novoj rabote] —  Maria  thought  about  her  new  job.  

«О» after consonants  «ОБ» after vowels  inform us about the topic of the conversation.

Typical endings


Table of typical endings in Prepositional

Verbs with which we usually use prepositional case:


быть (где?) [byt'] — to be

жить (где?) [zheat'] — to live

думать (о чём?) [doomat'] — to think (about smth)

мечтать (о чём?) [mechta:t'] — to imagine  (about smth)

говорить (о чём?) [gavareat'] — to talk (about smth)

рассказывать (о чём?) [rasskazyvat']— to discuss (about smth)

читать (о чём?) [cheat'at']— to read (about smth)

писать (о чём?) [peas'at']— to write (about smth)

Prepositions for prepositional case:


в [v] = inside, in

Я в театре [Ya v teatrye] — I am in the theater

Том в офисе [Tom v offise] — Tom is in the office

на [na:] = on (on top| at something limited on time or that which can be moved)

Мы на опере (performance has start at 7 and finish at 11 pm) [My na onerie] — We are on the performance of the opera

Я в театре на балете (from 19 untill 22) [Ya v teatre na baletie] — I am in the theater on ballet (performance)

Том в офисе на работе (from 9 untill 18) [Tom v offise na rabote] — Tom is in the office at work

о(б) [o:]; [o:b] = about

Мария думает о работе [Mariya doomajet o rabotie] — Maria is thinking about work(job)

Петр и Анна говорят о проекте [Petr i Anna gavaria o proyecte] — Peter and Anna discuss a project